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More Information about Grupal & Privates Lessons:

WhatsApp  Gustavo : +54 911 5751 0513     gustavorosas.com.ar  

WhatsApp   Gisela : +54 911 6094 1189      giselanatoli.com.ar   


Tango Lessons in Europe 2020

Tango Tour 2020  Gustavo Rosas / Gisela Natoli

C.I.T.A (Tango Argentino International Congress) 15th to 21st March(Argentine). 

Mediterraneo Tango Cruise 7th to 14th  May (Italy) (France) (Spain).

Brescia Tango Workshops & Dj Gus.15th to 18th May (Italy).

Tango Lessons & Dj Gus in The Must. Sunday 24th  May (Rome).

Rome Tango Lessons in La Gardel during July (Rome)(Italy).

Brescia Tango Workshops & Dj Gus. 3th to 5th July (Brescia)(Italy).

Tango Holidays in The Puglia 25th July to 1st  August (Sierra Silvana)(Italy).

Tango Workshops in London. 1st to 23th  August. (United Kingdom).

Dj Gus. Tangos Valses y Milongas en Vinilos. 8th/9th/10th August (Catania)(ITaly).

Marathon of Dj in Vinyls (Maracuentro)14th to 16th September(Basel)(Swiss).

Tango Relax 6th to 13th  September (Isola D'Elba)(Italy).


Private Lessons of Tango & Tecnique in Buenos Aires.

Special Packages.

10 Hours of Private Lessons.

Paquete Especial (10Hs)

6 Hours of Private Lessons.

Paquete Especial (6Hs)

 Activities in Buenos Aires 2019

September and October

Privates ,Grupals and Technique & Style for the Women Tango Lesson.

Gustavo Rosas / Gisela Natoli.


 Facebook:Gustavo Rosas Tango

Facebook: Gisela Paula Natoli

Whatsapp: +54 911 60941189 (Gisela)

Whatsapp: +54 911 5751 0513 (Gustavo)

Celular: 15 5 751 0513 Gus / 15 6 094 1189 Gisela

Europe: 0039-338-101-7532