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Gustavo Rosas is Dancer,Coreographer ,Dee Jay and Master of Argentine Tango from 1992.He has studied with Angel Sinde,Puppy Castelo,.Gloria and

Eduardo,Carlos Gavito,Raúl Bravo,Portalea,Nito y Elba,Pepito y Susuky Avellaneda,Carlitos Perez,Héctor Chidichimo,Osvaldo Zotto,Carlos y Maria Rivarola,Gustavo Naveira,among others.

He has performed as Argentinian Tango Master in The United States, France,

Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany,Luxemburgo,Holland,etc.

He has participated as a Dancer of Tango in: the International

Congress of Tango Argentino (C.I.T.A)(Argentine),

Paris Tango Festival(France),Nora s Tango Week(USA) ,Brussels Tango Festival(Belgium),

Buenos Aires Tango Festival (Argentine),among others.

He was part of the cast of the Tango Shows : ¨Tango Metrópolis¨,¨Tango

Historias Breves¨,¨Tangos de la Cábala¨,¨Piazzolla Tango¨.etc.

He was Tango Dancer in Taconeando,Chiquin and Piazzolla Tango.

He has tooked part of the film ¨Vientos the cambio ¨(Directed By Campanella),

12 Tangos(Directed By Arne Birkenstock) and TV  series for the Spanish,American,Italian Television(RAI).

Also,Gustavo performs as a Tango Dee Jay  ¨Dj Gus ¨ ‘’Tangos,Valses and

Milongas on vinyls’’ in Milongas of Buenos Aires and many Tango Festivals

around the World. He plays Tango Music with Vinyls(Discos).

Facebook: Dee Jay Gus (Tangos,Valses y Milongas en Vinilos)


Link Dj Gus.Tangos on Vinyls: http://youtu.be/yT47ov5Q_TE